In July 2015, our son Findlay Eric was born. 

After months of planning, preparation and excitement, he was finally here.

Findlay was stillborn.

He never took a breath. 

He never opened his eyes. 

He silently entered the world, and our lives were changed forever.

What began as a journal and a series of letters to Findlay, written to try and make some sense of his death, has evolved into this blog. 

A blog about surviving loss, living life and remembering our beautiful baby boy. 

Why postcards?

A postcard is traditionally associated with recording memories and sharing them with loved ones. 

As a child, my sister and I would spent hours scouring souvenir shops to find the perfect postcards to send to family and friends; looking for the ones which best captured the destination and all the amazing things we had seen and done.

Postcards are a way of sharing your experiences with someone who did not (or perhaps could not) join you. 

Receiving a postcard is a lovely reminder that, no matter how far the distance, you are in the sender’s thoughts.

Postcards for Findlay is my way of including Findlay in all that we see and do; making memories for him and letting him know that, no matter how long, he will always be a constant presence in our hearts and in our thoughts.

We share all of it with him.